"This is to inform you that since we have undergone the 4E Instructor training and implemented the 4E program with our clinicians, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback with regard to this program. Our clinics and offsite facilities have been longing for training of this type for a long time considering workplace violence is a very real threat now. The coworkers that have undergone the training deliver nothing but the highest praise for providing them with the tools and information necessary to protect themselves, patients, and visitors.

Our trained instructors are very prepared to deliver the program and, in spite of some not having been teachers in the past, deliver the classes with confidence due to the training they received from Tier One. I have personally taken the Instructor Certification course and can attest that it is of the highest quality training that is out there to prepare for active shooter events.

We are training hundreds of clinicians across the East community of Mercy weekly, and will continue to do so until we have at least trained all the practice managers and supervisors so they can go back to their respective facilities and provide this valuable information to their coworkers. The program has been received so well I may look into expanding it into the entire Mercy system, which encompasses four states.

I am looking at sending additional coworkers to this Instructor Certification course because of the high demand for this training. Thanks much and blessings to all of you!"

Kenneth W. Hahn, Regional Director of Safety & Security
Mercy Health Systems

"Tier One Tactical Solution’s two- day “Train the Trainer” program is by far one of the best professional development trainings I’ve taken. I went into the training as a nervous HR professional but left the training as an empowered lifetime supporter of the 4E training and Tier Once Tactical Solutions.  This group of professional law-enforcement members delivered. They were engaging speakers, easy to talk to and extremely professional.  My train the trainer course was taken in a school environment, however Mike, Corey, Justin and their team made sure to take the time to walk me through how to apply the scenarios to my office settings.
The Train the Trainer program walked through well thought out scenarios that you can bring back to your employees to help them not only in their work environment, but in everyday life. The material that they provide to you as an 4E trainer is incredibly valuable and has assisted me In bringing the 4E training back to my company’s smaller plant locations located in outlying areas.  With the materials provided to me and the training I received I felt confident in knowing I was providing my employees with the necessary tools and information on how to handle an active intruder situation in the office or production facility. I will absolutely return to ‘renew’ my training in two years.  You can’t go wrong in bringing this training to your organization. It is truly invaluable."

Carrie Harmon, HR Director
The International Companies

"Tier One Tactical Solutions did a great job for the International Companies.  They helped each of our employees to be aware of their surroundings whether here at the office or offsite.  The scenarios and the PowerPoint presentations were very practical.  Every one of our employees commented that the Active Shooter Drills were very well done and thanked our Human Resource Department for having the program.  Each of the members of were great from the initial setup of the program to the actual drills."

Clayton Brown, CEO
The International Companies

"As a 30 year law enforcement officer and trainer, I fully endorse Tier One Tactical Solution’s 2-day “Train the Trainer” program for law enforcement officers and police agencies. The Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission (SILEC) sponsored this training at Triad High School in Troy Illinois on October 9 & 10, 2014. Police officers from many agencies in southwestern Illinois attended this program and gave the program excellent reviews. Many of our regional school resource officers attended this training program. The 4 E’s – Train the Trainer program will allow law enforcement officers to train faculty and staff members in their respective school districts on how to better respond to, and survive school violent encounters while awaiting the arrival of law enforcement assistance. When school officials are properly trained, lives can be saved and injuries reduced. The medical aspect of the scenario training was a crucial component to the tactics training.

The instructors were superior and professional in all aspects of the training. Realizing that this training is targeted primarily at school district personnel, law enforcement agencies will benefit from this training as it causes school districts and police agencies to work together on school violence planning, which is vitally important while reflecting on historical school violence incidents across the United States."

David H. Hayes,
Retired Alton Police Officer and Assistant Director of SILEC Mobile Training Unit.

"On November 7, 2014 Tier One Tactical trained over 1000 Mehlville School District staff members in the 4 E’s. Training that number of staff is a huge endeavor and Tier One was a pleasure to work with during all phases of the planning and the actual training. They were very helpful in all aspects of the training; from how to introduce the concept to staff to helping to plan the actual logistics of the training day.

Due to the difficult subject matter of training educators in dealing with an active shooter, many of our staff arrived nervous and apprehensive. The Tier One Instructors quickly put them at ease by using humor mixed with pragmatic strategies to empower them during an incident. The instructors kept interest high throughout the day by actively involving staff in realistic scenarios.

Since our training I have had many staff tell me that this was the best professional development that they had ever received and they feel much more empowered and capable of protecting their students in case of an active shooter situation. I have received multiple emails and phone calls asking when we can have Tier One conduct additional trainings for our district. I believe that Tier One is providing a vital service to our community and all school districts would benefit from their expertise."

Dr. Brian Lane, Assistant Superintendent
Mehlville School District

"As educators, we have many responsibilities when it comes to the children in our communities. We strive to increase their academic abilities and to make them caring adults with quality character traits. Besides these obvious goals of a school district, keeping our students safe is one of the most important responsibilities we have. Each year, school safety evolves to face new challenges. As there challenges mount, our teachers and our parents expect us to be knowledgeable on the best procedures available to keep each individual in the school safe. One of the things we do to meet these challenges is to form partnerships with experts in the field of law enforcement.

In September, 2014, Tier One Tactical Solutions trained the entire staff at Lindbergh Schools in the 4E’s to better prepare teachers and faculty for the potential intruders in our buildings. This was a tremendous help to our district employees who regularly seek options to make themselves and students safer. The 4Es training taught specific, practical defensive skills that our teachers had never practiced or even considered. More importantly, it empowered our staff to feel they have active choices to make in the event of any emergency they may face. For many in our faculty, this was the first time they felt confident in their preparation to respond appropriately to a potential active intruder.

This was easily the most popular in-service training our faculty has received in years. The feedback we have received about the quality of the program has been unprecedented in how overwhelmingly positive people felt about the experience. This is a very difficult topic for educators to deal with, but the staff at Tier One Tactical were supportive, professional, and knowledgeable. While the training itself was often intense, the officers eased a lot of our faculty members’ concerns and uneasiness. The training opened a lot of eyes to how many options our teachers have in helping to protect both themselves and their students. Tier One provided the spark that allowed us to have further conversations and rethink our current safety procedures.

I would highly recommend Tier One Tactical Solutions to any district who is serious about exploring ways to empower their teachers and make their schools safe for all situations."

Eric Cochran, Director of Curriculum and Student Programs
Lindbergh Schools

"Waterloo CUSD#5 is continually updating their school safety plans; our faculty and staff have done an outstanding job of embracing the need for additional training. Intruder preparation varies from lockdown to preservation of life; this training expands our options. At our last parent informational meeting it was stated, “Thank you! You truly are putting into practice the words of 'providing a safer learning environment for our students and staff' "

James W. Helton, Superintendent
Waterloo, IL Community Unit School District #5

“I can honestly say, that with over 21 years in education, the Option-Based Program (Active Shooter Drill) that you conducted within our district was the absolute best! The training made our teachers and staff think about realistic and situational possibilities. The training was also very practical and made teachers truly analyze their decision making process and physically assess their classrooms through a safety lens. Furthermore, the training also created wonderful discussions and generated additional ideas for safety that we have since implemented. The Option-Based Program has proven to be extremely valuable to our district. We look forward to a continued partnership with you and welcome further training.”

Dr. Beth A. Horner
Assistant Superintendent, Columbia, IL CUSD #4

“I wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise and tactical training skills with our entire staff on Friday, October 4, 2013. The presentation and active shooter scenarios in which our staff participated were very organized and as close to real-life simulations as we could get. I have received many positive comments from staff about the training. I know that we have some great police officers working for us, but it was never more evident to us than when we observed you working with the Valley Park School District staff.”

Dr. David Knes, Superintendent
Valley Park School District

“Tier One Tactical Solution’s two-day “Train the Trainer” program increases an organization’s confidence and capacity to respond if ever placed in the horrific event of being involved in a situation with an active killer. Their practical, hands-on approach to training trainers was welcomed by the participants as they were quickly able to recognize the value in such training. Mike, Corey, Stephen and the team were approachable and professional in all aspects of the training.

The bottom line is that this group of professional law-enforcement members delivered. They delivered on every promise by training nearly 100 Parkway employees as trainers of the 4E program. In what will sound like a paradoxical statement, they created a very safe yet intense learning environment with creative training scenarios. The scenarios were carefully planned to simulate realistic situations while masterfully allowing participants to become comfortable in the environment. The debriefing and questioning sessions after each scenario were invaluable and gave participants just the right amount of time to process and think through all aspects of the drill.

In addition, one unintended outcome of the “Train the Trainer” was the incredible team building that occurred throughout two days. The “Train the Trainer” development is an excellent way for an organization to build camaraderie and capacity by developing its own experts. I would not hesitate to recommend Tier One Tactical Solutions to any school district or business that is trying to create a safer environment.”

Desi Kirchhofer, Deputy Superintendent
Parkway School District