Renewing Your Certification


How to Renew Your Certification

This will be the first year to renew your 4E Instructor Certification.  Your certification expires on December 31, 2018 and you will need to contact Mike Fumagalli at about renewing your certification.  We will then email you a Recertification Certificate for an additional three years once the renewal fee is paid.

If you are employed with a school district, business, or church, please contact your security director to find out if your employer will be covering the renewal cost.  If they do not cover the cost, you can pay the fee yourself.

If your recertification fee is not paid by December 31, 2018, your certification will expire and you will be required to attend the two day instructor course again. 

In order to renew your certification, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements:

1. You must be a current 4E Instructor expiring on December 31, 2018
2. Pay the required recertification fee ($75) per person (3 year recertification)
3. Submit your name, current work place, and an updated (non-work) email address

Purpose of Recertification

The purpose of a 4E Instructor recertification is to ensure that 4E Certified Instructors are enhancing skills and knowledge beyond minimum competence. Periodic recertification occurs through the documentation of (and confirmation, when audited) required continuing educational activities within the three-year period.

Based on the results from a recent Job Task Analysis, along with a comprehensive review of recertification policies and procedures of similar credentials from other organizations, it was determined that a three-year duration was an appropriate duration for a certified professional's window of recertification.

Reasons to Renew Certification

1.  Recertification demonstrates commitment to your profession and the 4E program.  

Recertification shows your peers, supervisors, and, in turn general public how committed you are to your chosen career, along with how well you perform to set standards.  Recertification sets you apart as a leader in Active Shooter Training, and allows a 4E Instructor to stay current in training trends.

2.  Recertification prepares you for greater on-the-job responsibilities teaching the 4E program.

Since recertification is a voluntary professional commitment to a field of knowledge, it’s a clear indicator of your willingness to invest in your own professional development.  Certified professionals are aware of the constantly changing environment their profession faces, and they possess the tools needed to anticipate and respond to that change.

3. Recertification improves skills and knowledge of a 4E Instructor.

Achieving recertification highlights your individual competence by confirming proficiency, knowledge, and career commitment.

4. Recertification reflects achievement.

A certified professional has displayed excellence in their field or industry and fulfilled set standards and requirements when instructing the 4E program.

5. Recertification offers greater professional recognition from staff, peers, students, parents and employees.

As a certified 4E Instructor, you can expect increased recognition from your peers for taking that extra step in your professional development to keep everyone safe in a changing environment.

6. Recertification will cut down on costs and missed work hours to attend a class.

Recertification will allow 4E instructors to simply submit a $75 dollar fee opposed to the $500 initial 4E Instructor Course, not miss any work time (no class time for renewal is necessary), and  keep costs down for annual training of staff, employees or students. 4E Instructors will receive the Bill E Bulldog Newsletter quarterly along with any updated power points/videos/statistics created or obtained by Tier One Tactical Solutions.