4E’S© Train The Trainer Program


Our most popular program, the Train the Trainer course, gives our clients the ability to provide instruction on the 4E’s© and Options-Based solutions utilizing their own employees at their own locations.   Our comprehensive, 16-hour course provides classroom and hands-on training on how to instruct the 4 E’s©, as well as the following:

•    Historical Active Killer Incident Review
•    Active Killer 1st Aid
•    Instructor Development
•    Active Killer Plan Development
•    Improvised Defensive Barricade Upgrades
•    Scenario Development and Execution


Upon successful completion, our trainers leave with the tools, information and skills to teach the 4E© Option – Based program to their peers and community.

Unlike other programs, our Train the Trainer course does not limit our clients to one audience.  Our program allows its clients to instruct the 4E’s© to both public and private sector interests (they may not charge for these services).  For our Law Enforcement partners, this is particularly important in that you are not restricted to your operational jurisdiction when instructing. The Train the Trainer Program is also a Missouri P.O.S.T Approved Continuing Education Program. 

It doesn’t end when you complete the course.  Annual training opportunities including new legislation, new/updated techniques and incident review are but a few future course topics.  

How To Host the 4E’s© Train the Trainer Program

To qualify as a host agency for our 4E© Trainer Event:

  • Minimum of 35 paid participant/seats
  • Tier One will provide the host agency an additional five (5) free participant seats above and beyond the minimum
  • Host agency provides class or conference room facilities of sufficient size and scope whose environment is classroom portion of the course.
  • Host agency provides facilities that reflect their service population (schools, churches or business) that can be utilized for dynamic, scenario - based practical application drills.