Mike Fumagalli's Biography

Mike Fumagalli was raised in the St. Louis area. He attended Marian University – Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He began his police career with the St. Louis County Police Department in April of 1999. He patrolled in the Affton/Southwest precinct for 6+ years before transferring to a unit designed to target high crime/violent areas where he spent a year and a half. He transferred to the St. Louis County Tactical Operations Unit where he is currently assigned as a team leader.

During the last 6 years of service he participated in hostage rescue, high-risk warrant services, barricade subject arrests and an active shooter event. While being part of the Tactical Operations Unit, Mike has been part of negotiating, less lethal and a point man on the entry team. Mike holds certifications as a firearms instructor, NTOA Active Shooter Response Instructor, NTOA MACTAC Instructor, IPMBA Bike Instructor, and Shoot house Instructor.

He is the Lead Active Shooter Coordinator for the St. Louis County Police Department. In the past three years his name has become synonymous with developing curriculum and conducting advanced training for State, Local and other authorized law enforcement officers in the MACTAC Active Shooter Response program. To date the MACTAC program has been taught to over 4,000 officers in Missouri and Illinois.

Since January of 2013 he has worked to develop school assessment protocols and has been involved in training our schools how to respond to a mass violence event. To date, he has been involved in training over 3,600 teachers, staff and administrators.

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