Craig Higginbotham's Biography

Craig Higginbotham was born in Tyler, Texas and was raised in St. Louis Missouri. After graduation from Hazelwood West High School he enlisted into the United States Marine Corps where he served eight years. He attended MSG school in Quantico Virginia so that he could guard United States Embassies world-wide. He served a total of four years at the United States Embassies in Tokyo Japan, Vladivostok Russia, and Sarajevo Bosnia. Once he returned to the United States he began his police career with the St. Louis County Police Department as a patrol officer in the South County Precinct. After five years in patrol, he transferred into the Tactical Operations Unit where he served for ten years. After being promoted to the rank of Sergeant he was transferred to the North County Precinct where he is currently

He has attended classes such as Field Training Officer, SWAT I, SWAT II, NTOA Advanced SWAT, MACTAC Trainer course, SSI’s Explosive Mitigation class. He is a NRA firearms instructor, Simunition Safety Instructor, 4E instructor, and a MACTAC trainer instructor through the National Tactical Officers Association. He has been instrumental as an instructor in the MACTAC program, which is a program designed to teach all area law enforcement how to respond to an active shooter scene. To date, the MACTAC program has been taught to over 4,000 officers in Missouri and Illinois.

He has been an instructor for Tier One Tactical Solutions since the company began and has assisted in training our area schools on how to respond to a mass violence event.